Adriani e Rossi presents the evolution in the field of furniture. A new colorful mood studied for a trend and a timeless style, forever beautiful, all from the Italian tradition.
The collection Atelier 2018 is a collection of items conceived, thought and created for an exclusive proposal, synthesis of our more than decennial history, with extremely wanted finishing, produced in this unique company with craftsmanship and technological evolution, research and passion for the design, a collection of objects dedicated for the retail, not only for the setting up of the shop.

The usage of the new ecology of the various materials and the experience of our craftsmen to create lamps, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp. They absolutely represent the real interior design.
In a dark room you won’t be able to see anything, open the light it becomes bright, color and in the everyday life, surround yourself with beautiful and timeless things.

The knowledge to decorate of the craftsmen from Bassano del Grappa, their capacity to transform the clay in ceramic, the ground transform itself by creating valuable and design objects. As Marco Polo discovered during his travels , his experience with gold plating , noble finishes, platinum, metals or colors to make them objects with thousands of shapes, still nowadays manufactured by our craftsmen, paintings one by one, unique items and forever.

A collection of rug dedicated to the mood of color with new graphics and trendy colors. Quality rugs with a timeless elegance, always current.

PAINTING AND DECORATION Since forever we use the wall to embellish or to remember through art. A research of artists from all over the world and the use of numerous materials, they become new ideas and they turn our craftsmen into real artists, only them can turn every artwork unique forever.

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